Lead Adult Carer Level 3


Develop Your Skills to Become a Dynamic Lead Carer

Supporting you throughout your qualification

one 2 one support

Our assessors and teaching staff will provide you with all the support needed throughout your qualification

Expert teaching staff

Our dedicated and fully qualified teaching staff are industry experts, and have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the care sector

National qualification

This apprenticeship is a nationally recognized qualification and has been developed in partnership with carers and care homes

Funding available

please contact us to find out about full or partial finding of this qualification

Qualification Overview

Adult Carer – Level 3 is a work-based learning programme that will develop your, already existing care skills and will give you an advanced level of skill and knowledge in the theories and practical applications of care.

What Could This Qualification Lead To?

Once complete, the level 3 Lead Adult Carer qualification will enable the individual to advanced knowledge and techniques during their role as a Care Worked in England

Increased work benefits

Greater confidence and competence at work 

Enhanced theoretical knowledge

Extensive hands-on experience within the health care sector

Possible progression to higher level qualifications

Course Duration

15 months

You can make a difference