End Point Assessment

Final Certification and Quality Assurance

Our End Point Assessment Core Values

Maintaining Credibility

Quality assessment of employee knowledge, skills and behaviours. 

Collaborative Working

Working in partnership with training providers, colleges and employers.

Continuous Development

Constantly enhancing the knowledge base and skillset of our clients and learners.

High Quality EPA and Feedback

Ensuring consistent high-quality EPA reports and transparency of information to learners and clients.

Our EPA Apprenticeships

We are currently able to offer End Point Assessment for the following apprenticeships in England. Please click on the links below for further on our EPA process. The Total Price  below represents the Standard Qualification Fee.

Adult Carer – Level 2

Total Price: £450 (25% payable upon registration and 75% payable upon Gateway)

Lead Adult Carer – Level 3 

Total Price: £450 (25% payable upon registration and 75% payable upon Gateway)

What is End Point Assessment?

End Point Assessment is the last stage in the delivery of an apprenticeship in England. It is during this final quality assurance activity that an individual is deemed competent to do the job that they have been trained to do. 

End Point Assessment is a graded assessment and must be carried out by a certified EPA provider. It must be entirely independent of the delivering provider used by the employer. 

This method of independent summative quality assurance is the gateway to final certification. It is a governmental requirement  and has been put in place to ensure an un-biased quality review of a learner’s portfolio before receiving their award.

Delivering Industry Leading End Point Assessment

As a registered EPA center, we have a duty to ensure that all our End Point Assessments are valid, measurable, comparable reliable, are consistent, and free from bias. This is achieved using a number of quality assurance techniques that include, but are not limited to:

Full understanding of the sector and an extremely high level of knowledge in the process of EPA, and apprenticeship quality assurance. 

Working collaboratively with all major stakeholders including colleges, training providers, assessment professionals, and employers.

Regular, in-depth standardisation and quality assurance of all of Connective Care Education’s End Point Assessment practices.

Regular staff training and continuous professional development at individual and company-wide levels.

Striving to provide the highest quality reporting and transparency of information.  

Working With us

As a fully registered provider of Apprenticeships and End Point Assessment, we have the skills and resources to fully deliver sector-leading qualifications and award EPAs. We are able to do this by working with employers or training providers directly, to award EPA to their apprentices.

Registered clients, Please click the secure area link below for further information on our full EPA process, or get in touch with us if you require any further information on our EPA service or any other of our services and qualifications.

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