Appeals and Complaints

Appeals and Complaints Officer

Nadia Watters (Centre Manager)

CCE Complaints procedure

Connective Care Education Ltd [CCE] firmly believes that if learners, employees and/or other
stakeholders wish to make a complaint and/or register a concern, they should find it easy to do so.
A complaint is defined as: any complaint from any customer, employee, learner or anybody affected
by the standard of quality of our service, action or lack of action. Complaints may be issued by
telephone, letter, e-mail or in person.

It is CCE policy to welcome complaints and look upon these as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve
and provide better services. This procedure is intended to ensure that complaints are dealt with
appropriately and that all complaints and/or comments by learners, employees and/or other
stakeholders are taken seriously.

This procedure is not designed to apportion blame, but rather to ensure that the Company is able to
continually improve its services and levels of customer satisfaction. CCE endeavours to ensure that
there is a sufficient platform to facilitate complaints and that the process is easy to follow, fair and
sensitive to both CCE staff and the complainant.


Complaints can be made in person, by telephone, by letter, by e-mail or in-person to the Managing
Director – contact details are provided below.


Stage 1

Details of the complaint shall be logged using a standard form (Appendix 1) and
responsibility for investigation shall be assigned.

Stage 2

Investigation of the complaint shall commence within 1 x working day of receipt and
acknowledged to the complainant, in writing, within 5 working days.

Stage 3

The complaint shall be investigated and contact made with all relevant parties to gather
information and supporting evidence.

Stage 4

Within 4 weeks, the complainant shall receive written notification of the outcome of the
complaint and details of ongoing investigations, as applicable.

Stage 5

In instances whereby it is deemed necessary for the investigation period to be extended
beyond the 4 weeks specified, the complainant shall receive written notification of the outcome
within 8 weeks. This outcome shall be the final decision unless the complainant chooses to appeal.


Should the complainant be unhappy with the final outcome, in the first instance the complaint
investigator must be contacted in order to clarify the rationale behind the decision. Should the appeal
response be unsatisfactory, the complainant may contact a relevant external agency for support.
Details of relevant external agencies shall be provided upon request.

External involvement

Connective Care Education Ltd shall co-operate with external parties involved in the complaint. This
may involve:

• providing copies of company policies and procedures
• submitting documentation and supporting evidence related to the complaint
• providing information on how the complaint has been handled and managed
• releasing staff members to attend meetings with external stakeholders.


Employees and learners and/or other interested parties shall be provided with access to this
procedure in hard copy or electronic format during an induction or at the beginning of the training
programme. This procedure shall be made available bilingually and in large print upon request.

Monitoring and Review

All complaints shall be monitored by Senior Management within Connective Care Education Ltd.
Outcomes of complaints shall be held centrally and reviewed on an annual basis. This procedure shall
be reviewed by the Managing Director on an annual basis to ensure its continuing applicability in
meeting the needs of the business. Data and performance associated with this procedure shall be
reviewed on an annual basis by the MRC – Management Review Committee.


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