COVID-19 information

How we are adapting our delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Here at Connective Care Education, the safety of our staff and learners takes utmost priority.  We are committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver the highest quality health care apprenticeships, whilst keeping all of our staff and learners as safe as possible. Please see below for the many changes and new working methods we have put in place to enable all our apprentices to continue their learning journey in a safe and supported environment.

Assessors and tutors now work from home and staff visits to the office are kept to a minimum

In accordance with Welsh Assembly Government guidelines, we have developed a system whereby all delivery staff must work from home whenever possible. We have ensured that all our staff are fully trained in the necessary software to function as remote-working QCF assessors. During the course of your apprenticeship, your assessor and tutors will support you in the following ways:

  • Video-based teaching sessions
  • Video-based one-to-one progress reviews
  • Regular video call meetings to review your work and to give helpful and constructive feedback
  • Digital platforms to upload your work remotely to your assessor
  • Video-based group teaching sessions and discussions

Appointment only

Learner attendance at our delivery center in Treforest is now by appointment only, and only where restrictions allow. Currently, a small part of the apprenticeship does require the learner to complete online-based multiple choice tests. Where government restrictions allow, we are making sure that only a small number of learners are in the building at any one time so that full safety measures and social distancing can be maintained.   

Safety measures upon entering the building

The following safety measures are mandatory for all staff and apprentices who enter our premises:

  • Temperature check upon entry 
  • Mandatory hand wash at the reception
  • Mandatory face masks supplied and must be worn at all times
  • 2 metre distance rule for all staff and learners
  • Dedicated entrance and exits on opposing sides of the building

Contact tracing

We maintain staff and learner safety by keeping rigorous and up to date daily visitor records. This is to ensure that effective contact tracing can be carried out immediately in the case of any positive COVID cases that may occur.

Dedicated, safe essential skills testing area

To ensure the ongoing safety of all learners during each part of their apprenticeship, we have a safe and dedicated testing area at our central office in Treforest. This area can be accessed safely from the front of the building with all necessary safety measures in place for learners to undertake their essential skills assessments quickly and safely. 

Where attending our learning center is impossible due to restrictions or personal circumstances, we are now able to offer remote testing. This enables learners to undertake their essential skills assessments in the safety and comfort of their own home.