Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Using fully-funded vocational qualifications to develop expertise in your staff team

We are a fully-funded provider of all Health and Social Care diplomas in both England and Wales, and can offer you these qualifications at Levels 2.3 and 5

As part of our philosophy of training staff in values, skills and clinical knowledge, we use these diplomas as a means of genuinely educating staff, in a way which augments your service and underpins individualised practice. Our quality speaks for itself:

  • All of our assessors have long practice experience in a wide variety of care and support settings
  • Our supporting materials are written by Phd/Masters graduate nurses and teachers, with a combined practice experience of more than 60 years
  • We hold regular webinars and workshops to provide additional face-to-face contact

One particular speciality is our ability to deliver funded Level 5 Adults Advance Practice. This can be tailored to any clinical setting, and we have experienced staff from all sectors ready to provide support throughout he programme. This is a great way of rewarding motivated staff, and increasing the knowledge of your core team. It can also assist in succession-planning, as candidates who attain this qualification need only 10 additional credits to achieve the Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management

Apprenticeships we Offer


  • Level 2 Health Social Care Adults
  • Level 3 Health Social Care Adults
  • Level 3 Health Social Care Children & Young People
  • Level 5 Health Social Care - All routes


  • Level 2 Adult Carer
  • Level 3 Lead Adult Carer

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