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We deliver nationally recognised Health & social Care Apprenticeships in Wales and England. These are available at multiple skill levels. We can deliver Level 2 for new care and support staff. Level 3 for those who wish to increase and develop their skills further, and upper levels 4 & 5 apprenticeships for those aiming to, or are already working in upper management roles.

All of our assessors and teaching staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team includes Masters Degree and Ph.D. qualified individuals with over 60 years of combined practical experience. 

All our qualifications and training courses are delivered using an array of assessment methods, the combination of which can be tailored to each individual’s specific learning needs. Staff upskilling and learning development can be delivered using 1-2-1 teaching, video-based learning sessions, written assignments, assessors to learner Q&A and discussion, classroom teaching, and distance learning via online resource platforms.

These qualifications will enable your staff to develop and thrive as skilful, knowledgeable, and fully competent care and support professionals.   

Supporting you throughout your qualification

one 2 one support

Our assessors and teaching staff will provide you with all the support needed throughout your qualification

Expert teaching staff

Our dedicated and fully qualified teaching staff are industry experts, and have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the care sector

National qualification

This apprenticeship is a nationally recognized qualification and has been developed in partnership with carers and care homes

Funding available

please contact us to find out about full or partial finding of this qualification

Learner Feedback

Please see below, a small selection of the great feedback we get from our learners

My tutor Sian has been fantastic and was so understanding i would like to thank her for all the support and help. This course has giving me the confidence in reading and writing and understanding and my tutor has been so patient with me through this course and mad me feel happy so thank you Sian, you're a fantastic tutor and have become a friend.
Louise Llewellyn
CYP Support Worker
I enjoyed the course from start to finish. Sian was an amazing tutor and without her help I would have never have completed on time. I use the knowledge on a daily basis in my job.
Rhiannon Coles
CYP Support Worker
The course was very insightful to the role and applicable to daily practice. What I learnt was implemented in my practice and improved my skills. My assessor was very supportive throughout. We regularly communicated and she was always available to help
Patricia Hancox
Team Leader
After having a shaky beginning to the course with a prior company, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have Sian as a tutor. She has been absolutely amazing in guiding and helping me through this course. This course has improved my skills in my current employment. I have learned things that I can take into my day to day work life.
Danielle Williams
Support Worker
“I am fortunate that my course tutor has been very supportive. I feel the course has had a positive effect on my employment and the avenues open to me, I was a senior support worker when I began the course, I was promoted to deputy manager and now house manager. I feel the course has helped me to look at things from a different perspective.”
Lucille Fenton
House Manager
Thank you for supporting me throughout my learning. You have given me back some of my confidence and I have proven to myself that you are never too old to learn. I look forward to the next part of my learning journey with you. Thank you
Jackie Stevens
Support worker
I feel as though this course has helped me to further my practice and has helped me gain mow knowledge. I feel as though the content of the course was relatively easy to understand and follow, and the feedback given to me by my assessor has been good and very helpful. “I feel as though this course has supported me in gaining more knowledge that I can look into my training to be able to further myself in my work in my current job role.
Nia Edwards
Community Support Carer
The course/experience has been worthwhile! I learned so much and my accessor made even complex topics interesting and easier to follow through real-world stories and case studies. The course and all materials are both comprehensive and informative. It helped me understand what is expected of me in my workspace as a Support Worker and what needs to be observed. I have gained such a proud confidence.
Sabur Lawal
Support worker
Improved my skills no end. I didn't realise how much I didn't know. The trainer's have been amazing from day one. Full of information and incredibly patient. The company have always given me time and help at the drop of a hat. They realise how much confidence this can give an employee.
Dale Greenacre
Care worker
Abby was brilliant and really helped through the duration of this qualification, Abby was very patient with myself and understanding. Abby was very knowledgeable and would really break things down for me.
Martin Meeneghan-Frances
Care worker
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Joanne for helping me so much today, I was very anxious about not completing within the given time frame and felt extremely pressured, but Joanne was a massive support, we have been on teams almost all day and I felt completely at ease and very well supported. Thank you again.
Danielle Brunt
Care worker
Ian has been absolutely fantastic with the help and support he has offered me throughout this qualification and I will be forever grateful.
Roxanne Maidment
Team Leader
Firstly, I'd like to thank Dan for being the most supportive helpful and friendly assessor there is. From the first call and right the way through my QCF he has gone above and beyond to accommodate and help me and also understanding when I've come to him with issues or needing to rearrange meetings. He was there to push me when I did lose interest and got fed up of doing all the workshops. He’s pushed me when needed and been my backbone throughout this and without him I'd never of got to where I am now. Although I am very happy its now come to the end, its a very bitter sweet moment as I know I will have to say good bye to Dan which I'm very sad and disappointed with. I've enjoyed most of the course although felt majority didn't apply to me within my practice as its more targeted on elderly care and dementia and not the autism and challenging behaviour which is what I deal with on a day to day basis. Dan I wish you the very best and without you I'd never of done this ! I will miss you and our regular catch ups but I wish you the very best in the future for yourself and your family your a true gentleman and I’m very grateful to have met you and had pleasure of working with you. Thank you x
Sophie Roberts
Care worker
Just sending an email to say thanks for the support I had while doing the course. Also I would like to thank John for helping the last few months. We covered so much in a short space of time and for him pushing me the past few months. Without his help I would be no where near finished.
Mark Beale
Care worker
I was incredibly happy to see I scored 30/30. I really enjoyed the unit and assessment, as most of it was based around scenarios and hypothetical situations, which helped me engage with the questions. Sian again made the unit fun and a great learning experience. I was very pleased with my results, as it gave me confidence in my knowledge on the subject. I also believe it clearly demonstrates Sian's brilliant teaching capabilities. I was very happy with how this course went. I enjoyed how Sian conducted the teaching sessions, as she makes them easy to understand, and light hearted. As always, Sian is very accommodating with my schedule as well Sian had been very accommodating of my schedule, making the course far more manageable, alongside working full - time. As a result, I'm thoroughly enjoying the course, and believe I'm making good progress. Also, communication during sessions has been fantastic from the start, and has been very enjoyable. I believe that Sian has made the course enjoyable, and far more easier to manage than I would have expected. Going into it, I was very worried that it would be too much for me to handle, along side work. However, Sian makes the teaching sessions fun, and fits them around my schedule very well.
Josh Richards
Care Home Worker
When I was given the opportunity to compete my Level 2 in Health & Social Care, I didn’t think I would complete any higher level qualifications, as that was the requirement for my position. When I had passed my Level 2. I decided to complete my level 3 in Health and social care. I have to say, the support I received was amazing! With me being dyslexic, I didn’t think I would achieve this level but with the support from my assessor it was amazing. I was struggling at one point but the support I had from my assessor India was amazing!
Isabel Sarah Ray Williams
Care Home manager
I'm very happy with the learning and support I've received. Every assessor I've had in the video-based learning sessions have been really helpful.
Dean Winter
Care worker
India has been great. She has given me a lot of encouragement along the way. Great support and always on hand for any questions or queries I may have. She deserves a medal for putting up with me
Bethan Preece
Care worker
From day one, when I had my induction with Tracey Shepherd, she outlined what was expected from me during this course. Tracey been amazing, I can't thank Tracey enough for all the amazing support she has given me over last 6 months and look forward to completing this course. Thank You
Ryan Reynolds
Care worker
I have been completing my QCF purely online due to the covid pandemic and it has been great! Tracy has made all the sessions enjoyable and has made the time pass quickly even when completing long units. She is really relaxed and explains everything thoroughly!
Abigail Matthews
Care worker